Instant Living Room Updates with Coffee Tables

Let’s say you can only update one piece in your living room. What would have the biggest impact? Coffee tables are an easy pick for me because we currently use a wicker storage box as our coffee table (similar to this) and could use an update. Plus, coffee tables are one of the most visible, frequently used items in any home. Here are a few of my favorite coffee tables this month:

Wood and Metal Simple Industrial Coffee Table

I have seen this style coffee table on dozens of decor blogs, but I really love it. The industrial looks steps it up from being just a basic coffee table and the lower level being directly on the floor adds functionality.

Intricate Wood and Metal Industrial Coffee Table

This is the slightly fancier version of the first table. While I still love the simplicity of the first option, this one has a little more weight and would fit better if you have a larger space. You still get plenty of usable space on each level and more detailing with the metal casings.

Grey Wash Custom Coffee Table

Grey wash is pretty hot right now. Like really hot. And it’s not hard to see why with this coffee table. I just want to stare at it and keep it free of clutter forever. This table is a lot bulkier in presence and mass, but works well with a simple rug (like the natural fiber shown in the photo) and beachy tones of grey, white and blue. I love how well-crafted and solid this table looks, although moving it to clean under the table might become a weightlifting workout every week (or month, let’s be honest about how often I’m gonna clean under the coffee table).Tufted Fabric Ottoman Coffee Table

This one takes a little more sophistication to pull off, and I am not sure if you would need dark furniture to complement this or matching light tones for the couch, drapes and floors. Ottomans as coffee tables are always a hit since you can add trays for placing drinks and books on the ottoman or skip the trays and put books and decor directly on the ottoman like so.Your turn: any favorite furniture you have your eye on lately.

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