Majestic Chess

Majestic Chess brings you the classic chess experience plus our exclusive Chess Adventure – an entirely new approach to enjoying your favorite strategy game! Full-featured gameplay and a robust Internet experience make the game of chess completely accessible and will provide hours of fun for players of any age or experience.

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Game Features
  Multiple play modes – Single Player (player vs. computer), Multi-player (Internet player vs. player) and Chess Adventure (quest-based adventure).  
World-class chess engine – developed by the creators of Chessmaster and Power Chess.  
Dazzling graphics – dozens of beautiful chess sets and a variety of playing environments, including real-time 3D.  
Computer opponents – twenty-four intelligent opponents to suit any skill level from beginner to Grandmaster. Unlock special boss opponents from the Chess Adventure or create and customize your own AI competitors.    
Online play – one-click easy access to robust  
  Internet play lets you chat, challenge and develop your chess rating 24 hours a day with people from around the world, at no extra cost!  
Gameplay advice – innovative in-game teaching advice engine gives detailed strategic and tactical explanations in plain English.
Unparalleled teaching tools – learn the game of chess with easy-to-understand tutorials created by James Eade (author of Chess for Dummies) and opening advice by 3-time U.S. Chess Champion Grandmaster Nick de Firmian.
Chess puzzle challenge – hone your skills by playing against the clock. Majestic Chess provides you with an infinite number of chess puzzles to test your abilities.
Historic chess games – admire and learn from some of the best chess games ever played, with move-by-move commentary by 5-time U.S. Chess Champion Grandmaster Larry Evans.
Introducing Chess Adventure – a completely original strategy game that features chess in a story-driven quest-based adventure. Journey throughout eight different worlds where you recruit your chess army, find magical artifacts to assist you, solve puzzles and combat wily opponents. Master each world and move closer to ultimate victory.