Tips & Hints

• Unlock Chess Adventure
bosses and avatars for
use in Single and Multi-
player by defeating them
in the Adventure mode.
• In Chess Adventure you   can speed up the king’s
movement by double-
clicking on a location.

 You can improve your score in Chess Adventure by    being efficient: visit fewer locations, don’t lose
challenges, use fewer artifacts, etc…
 It is a good idea to do the tutorial challenges at least
once. Going to them once won’t affect your score and
they may explain concepts that are played out at other
 When re-entering locations, be sure and read the
challenge descriptions carefully. Sometimes they   contain useful hints or new developments to the story. 
 To maximize the impact of artifacts, wait for your opponent to
commit his pieces before using your artifact.
 Your army recruits aren’t destroyed if they are captured, and most
artifacts don’t disappear after being used.
 You can sell recruits and artifacts at stores, but usually for less
than what you paid for them.
 Pressing ESC during the Chess Adventure will either cancel the
loading of a chapter or abort any challenge that is in progress.
 At any time during the program, pressing SHIFT-M will turn off all

 If you want to play an untimed Multi-player game, enter zeroes in both the minutes
and bonus fields. This will create a game in which neither player can lose on time.
When using 3D boards and pieces:
 SHIFT+Up – Zooms the board in
• SHIFT+Down – Zooms the board out
 CTRL+Up – Shifts the board up
 CTRL+Down – Shifts the board down
 CTRL+Left – Shifts the board to the 
 CTRL+Right – Shifts the board to the 
• Up Arrow – Pans up and away from 
   the board
 Down Arrow – Pans down and towards
  the board
 Left Arrow – Pans around the board
 Right Arrow – Pans around the board   clockwise